AGRIM – अग्रिम stands for First, Excellent, Best

The core mantra of our affordable home loan solutions is to deliver excellence through innovative products, services along with the pride of owning their own home. 

We have taken upon ourselves to make this social impact to the last mile of the Indian Lower Middle-Class families so that ‘Housing for All’ is achieved. For more information about Agrim please click here

Agrim Housing Finance provides the entire ecosystem search and select, finance and own and live in the home of your choice. Right from search of the property to financing the property and also enhancing the livelihood of our customers by providing them a platform to offer their service to others customers in the eco system.

Digital is at the core of our strategy to offer loans following a comprehensive risk assessment process, drawing on assessment models using customer data,  anonymized Credit history, Behavioural preferences, Profile standing,  Fulfilment capacity, Identity characteristics and Trust scores. This is based on credit payments, banking, utility payments, GPS, biometric and facial recognition, profile activity, identity; with data verification at source. By analysing a huge amount of information, we can better measure their ability and willingness to repay money hence provide quick credit offerings in 10 minutes to affordable housing finance informal customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Technology

Agrim HFC achieves automatic judgment and prediction of users through data mining and machine learning. Combining users’ identity and their behavioural information with our proprietary profile score, risk score, trust score, income assessment and personal discussion enabling prudent customer credit origination. This enhances the customer experience by making it simple, quick and convenient.

Our Values


We envision being a lender of choice in affordable home loans with our guiding principles of Transparency, Simplicity and Trust. We intend to bring focus on financial inclusion by helping lower to middle-income households in fulfilling their aspirations of owning a home.


Our aim is to be a trusted home loan provider to and Lower to Middle income families in urban and semi urban areas of India. We aim to create long term sustainable value for our shareholders by upholding ethical standards in order to make a social impact in the society

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