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We are here to provide easy access to home loans to the last mile homebuyer among the lower middle class so as truly realise the “Housing For All” goal in India. Through easy access to home finance, we also aim to make a social impact.




Home Loan

Salaried or Self Employed get the house you dream.

We at Agrim Housing Finance aim to make a difference to the standard of living of the self-employed who do not have access to financing due to lack of proper banking and thereby don’t qualify for a loan as part of the traditional formal assessment.

Buy or construct your dream home with our affordable home loans​

Loan Against Property

Take your business to the next level with an easy & quick business loan from Agrim housing finance.
If you’re looking for funding and have a commercial or residential property that you can offer as collateral then Agrim Housing Finance will support self-employed both in the formal and informal segment to fund their business needs through Loan Against Property(LAP) loans.

Agrim In News

Our ESG strategy aligned with 5 SDG goals

The Goal

Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing at all ages.

Achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls.

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Make cities and human settlements, inclusive, safe resilient and sustainable

Ensure consumption and sustainable production patterns

Our vision

To shift focus on mental and physical fitness through yoga and propound quintessentially Indian ways of nutrition through well balanced healthy meals.

To spread awareness about girl child education and financial independence of women in among our target segment.

To drive awareness about water conservation through our communication and engage with our audience to generate best methods of water conservation.

To promote green buildings, neighbourhoods and spread awareness about clean and green environment through our “Plant for Planet” initiative.

To create awareness about plastic pollution and responsible consumption of other energy sources, such as electricity, water, fuel and paper.

Our Story

AGRIM – अग्रिम stands for ​





The core mantra of our affordable home loan solutions is to deliver excellence through innovative products, services along with the pride of owning their own home. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to make this social impact to the last mile of the Indian Lower Middle-Class families so that ‘Housing for All’ is achieved. For more information about Agrim please click here

Customer Stories

See what our Happy Customers have to say about their journey from
being a Tenant to Landlord

Beyond The Boardroom

What do industry leaders discuss when they are not in boardrooms?

Here’s an interesting thought leadership series that tells you all that and more!

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