Indicative Interest Rates and Charges

Agrim Housing Finance Current Index Rate: 12.00%

Indicative Customer Rates for Different Products and Customer Segments is as under.

Home Loan Salaried 12.00% - 15.00%
Self Employed Professional 12.50% - 15.50%
Self Employed Non-Professional 13.00% - 16.00%
Cash Salaried 12.00% - 16.00%
Loan Against Property Salaried 14.00% - 19.00%
Self Employed Professional 15.00% - 21.00%
Self Employed Non-Professional 16.00% - 22.00%

For all Products Following Indicative Charges will be levied at the time of Login In the File and Sanction.

a) Advance Processing Fee: From Rs. 0 to 5000 (Exclusive of GST)

b) Processing Fee: From 0.25 to 3% of Loan Amount (Exclusive of GST)

c) Insurance Amount: At actual, to be paid to the Insurance Company. Agrim can reimburse on behalf of customer and customer can have option to pay it to Builder as an additional OCR.

d) Stamp Duty: At actual

Following are the Indicative Charges to be Paid after Disbursement.

a) Inspection Charges (For every Tranch Disbursal): From 0 to 2000 (Exclusive of GST)

b) Cheque Bounce Charges: Rs. 500 (Exclusive of GST)

c) Collection Charges: Rs. 750 Per Instance of Home Visit (Exclusive of GST)

d) Penal Charges: 3% Per Month (i.e. 36% Per Annum) on the Amount overdue.

e) Other Charges as per MITC

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